Cobbler's Crossing Neighborhood Spring Newsletter

Hello Neighbors,

I just wanted to send out a brief newsletter to all of our CCHA members
regarding recent happenings and future


Easter Egg Hunt

This year the Board sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones within
Cobblers Crossing to play games, hunt

eggs and of course enjoy the candy. Overall it was a big success with over
thirty kids and twenty-four adults

attending the event. I would like to thank Tracey Fawcett, Natalie Thurston
and Kelley Caudill for time out of their

busy schedules to organize the event.

Future Events

Currently there are plans being made for 2-3 other events later in the
year. We are tentatively looking to have a

Back to School event on July 31 for all of the Cobblers Crossing kids and
October 2 for a Cobblers Crossing

Oktoberfest. Details regarding both events will be sent out later in the

Spring Yard Sale

Our Spring yard sale is scheduled for Saturday May 9th from 8:00 a.m. to
2:00 p.m.. We are trying to arrange with

the Salvation Army to pick up any remaining boxes for donation. If you plan
to donate you will need to box or bag

up your donations and place them at the end of your driveway for pick-up.
Anyone wishing to receive a donation

form should place a note on the items left out for them to leave a form in
your mailbox.

Spring/Summer Projects

Over the past few months’ members of the Board have been in contact with
our County Commissioner and Local

Government regarding the condition of our streets, particularly Lacewood
Lane. Unfortunately, the County is

limited on the amount of funding budgeted for street repaving and cannot
guarantee they will be able to repave

these sections. We will continue to work with our local government to push
to have it completed by the end of the

year but there are no guarantees. On a positive note, once weather is
warmer the county has said they will repaint

the lines at the entrances and at stop signs.